OxSU Officer

OxSU officer Kuyken

Hi, I’m Zoe, a second year lawyer and Corpus’s OxSU Officer! Our student union has council meetings every two weeks that pass policy on university-wide issues such as fee rises, student services, liberation campaigns and other general student issues. I’ll be putting stuff up around the place about OxSU related stuff so you all know what OxSU is doing for you! My job is to let the JCR know what is happening at council meetings and to represent the JCR at them. Before each meeting I will send out an email about the things that will be on the agenda- even though I like talking to myself, please read them as it is super relevant and generally interesting! If you have an opinion on any of these that you would like me to express, please tell me in person, text me, or email me at zoe.kuyken@ccc.ox.ac.uk – I really want to know what you think and if you want to come and vote, let me know!