Welcome to the Corpus Science Soc. Info page! Corpus Christi Science Society is ‘new’ in 2016, the quotation marks apply because I have heard rumours that there was one thriving at Corpus about 20 years ago…

In this incarnation the society provides a platform for members of the college, both students and tutors alike, to showcase their scientific work to an audience of Corpuscles in a rather informal manner. We meet twice a term in college and at each event there is a short presentation given by a member of the JCR/MCR followed by a longer presentation given by a professional academic at Corpus. Both talks are followed by an informal discussion about the topic. Wine is also provided at the event, amongst other refreshments.

The ethos of the society is to provide a forum that allows Corpuscles to see what their scientifically minded contemporaries get up to. I occasionally found during the first three years of my chemistry degree myself suffering from a lack of motivation, one of the most common ways I would fix this problem was to spend some time reading about the research that people in the chemistry department had done – a search for inspiration. The science society is a place where you can go to be ‘inspired’ as well as hear what the tutors get up to when they aren’t teaching. Also I organize the talks so that the talks given by academics are reasonably accessible to people that don’t have a scientific background, so even if you aren’t that scientifically minded, I ask that you come and try it out!

Hope to see you at our next event!

Artem Belov (3rd year undergrad biomedic as of 2018/19)