Accommodation at Corpus is provided for all years of your course, in a variety of locations around the city to suit your needs. In first year, everyone stays just across the road in Oldham Quad, in either the Oldham, Jackson or Kybald Twychen buildings; about half of these room are ensuite. After 1st year, rooms are decided by a ballot, your score on which determines which rooms you can choose. In your middle year(s), this is typically in the out-of-college accommodations of Liddell, Lampl and Banbury Road. There are also 9 month contracts for those planning to live in Oxford over the holidays (known as vacs or vacations). Rooms on the main college site are typically reserved for final years, but anything can happen on ballot day! This is held one evening in Hilary Term and can be quite stressful, so a ‘twilight tea’ is geld after with tea, biscuits, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to help everyone relax after.