The Accommodation Ballot is drawn during Hilary Term of each year, and applies only to second, third and fourth year accommodation.

There are five pots, from highest to lowest priority: A1, A2, B1, B2, and D.

Students are placed into these pots according to the number of exams they have that year. Students with no exams, such as second year PPEists or third year Classicists, are placed in the D pot. Students who have second year exams, other than Classicists, are placed in the B2 pot. Students with third year exams who had exams in second year and classicists are placed in B2 and A2. Students who have their finals in one sitting in their third year are placed in the A1 pot.

Accommodation for the next year is chosen students ordered first by their group and then their palcement within that group. For more information contact the JCR Accommodation Officer.