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  • The Junior Common Room is the undergraduate student union of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. It provides welfare support and academic support; organises entertainment; represents students to the college; campaigns on important issues, keeps junior members up to date with what is happening around the university and in college; promotes issues to do with environment and ethics and equality and is also a great way to get involved in student politics. It consists of sixteen elected officers, an equal opportunities committee and an Entertainment (“Entz”) Committee.

    The JCR holds four meetings a term, on even weeks e.g. Sunday of 2nd, at 7.30pm. These meetings are open for all members to attend and are the place to really get things done. Through these meetings you can bring motions to pass policy on anything you want. They are also an opportunity to catch up on every-thing else happening in college, elect Reps and hold your officers to account. To top it all off there is always a huge amount of free food and drink!

    A huge part of the committee’s role is representation. The committee (and primarily the President) will represent the 240 students at Corpus on College Committees. The JCR also forms part of the Oxford University Student Union, otherwise known as OxSU. As a JCR we have three votes at OxSU Council, and the JCR Officers involved will bring some of the big decisions at OxSU to the College so they can be discussed, influenced and debated. Simultaneously we can also bring policy passed at a College level to OxSU in the hope that they will help us promote it.

    More than anything we are just here to listen and provide a constant source of support. It is our job to try and make sure we can help students to ensure that your time at Corpus is the best it possibly can be!