Corpus Challenge


The Corpus Challenge is one of the key dates of the Corpus calendar, and one of the most fun days of Corpus and Oxford life. It is a yearly sporting battle between us and our sister college, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

We compete in almost all sports – hockey, football, lacrosse, netball, badminton, frisbee, rugby, rowing and many others. We even throw the field open to bar sports – pool, darts, table tennis and table football – as well as a game of FIFA. After the sport, we celebrate in the form of the Challenge Formal and a night out or bop together.

You can find out more in this vlog by Teneeka Mai.


According to the Tabs, the Challenge began in 1995 and became an annual event in 1997. Here is the full record of winnings as engraved on the Challenge Cup, which leaves the total score at 12:9 to Oxford.


Year Host Winner Report
2017 Oxford  Oxford 2017 Report
2016 Cambridge  Cambridge
2015 Oxford  Cambridge
2014 Cambridge  Cambridge
2013 Oxford  Oxford
2012 Cambridge Cambridge
2011 Oxford Cambridge
2010 Cambridge  Cambridge
2009 Oxford  Oxford
2008 Cambridge  Oxford
2007 Oxford  Oxford
2006 Cambridge  Cambridge
2005 Oxford  Oxford
2004 Cambridge  Oxford
2003  Oxford  Oxford
2002 Cambridge  Oxford
2001  Oxford  Oxford
2000 Cambridge  Oxford
1999  Oxford  Cambridge
1998 Cambridge Oxford
1997 Oxford Oxford
1995 Oxford