Corpus Cheese Society

Welcome to CheeseSoc! The Cheese Society meets weekly to taste and discuss different cheeses. One or two members visit the Oxford covered market on the day of a meeting, where the Oxford Cheese Company has a stand. We select five or so different cheeses, and try to choose a good variety, including lesser-known local cheeses (of which the market always has a few) as well as cheeses from further afield, either from elsewhere in England or from the continent. We also aim for a broad range of flavours; typically our cheeseboard will feature one or two blue cheeses, at least one goat’s cheese, a washed-rind cheese and a couple of cheeses made with cow or ewe’s milk.


Attendance tends to be between ten and twenty students (e-mails are sent out before each week’s meeting to find out who wants to come). We set out the cheeses on a board, along with crackers, chutney, and usually a little wine or port, and try each cheese in turn. The cheese-selectors generally do a little research into each one, and say a few words about where the cheese is from and how it is produced before people try it – after each cheese we compare opinions about what we like and dislike about it. Meetings tend to last between forty-five minutes and an hour, though the atmosphere is relaxed, and people sometimes come late or leave early if they have other commitments.

If interested you can find our group, with details of upcoming events, on Facebook. Alternatively contact Ryan Salter