Corpus Alts

Think of ice hockey and you think of burley Canadian psychos zooming round an ice rink, smashing into each other and whacking a hard metal puck at a massively padded goal keeper.

Now, half the size of the pitch, replace the heavy metal puck with a light plastic one and take away the padding, the contact, the ruthless aggression and the ability to ice skate … and you’re getting close to Alts (Alternative Ice Hockey).

Oxford Alts is chilled out ice hockey, letting those of us who skate like Bambi on ice turn up on a couple of nights a week for some casual round robin style matches against other equally poor skaters. No previous experience or skill is required (or even expected) and for a just few quid entry and skate hire any Oxford students can turn up to Oxford Ice Rink and jump straight into 6 a side games of mixed teams. Alts takes place on Wednesday evenings at 11:30 and Fridays at 11:45, although a handful of Corpuscles will normally meet 15 minutes before hand in the JCR. Full details can be found on the Alts website.

Corpus takes a large contingent of enthusiastic, war paint clad, teams every Wednesday and Friday, engaging in friendly inter collegiate competition, culminating in the yearly Cuppers tournament. Last Year Corpus entered two teams; The Peli-cans and Peli-can’ts, encompassing varying degrees of skating ability, from the annoyingly gifted to those who just ‘try not to puck it up’.

Corpus Alts is not just an unusual (and extremely enjoyable) way to spend your Wednesday and Friday nights but also a way to make great friends. Being at a small college, a relatively large fraction of Corpuscles attend Alts from those who had never skated before in their lives to those who have developed into formidable skaters. Above all Alts at Corpus is amazing fun and the perfect way to try your luck at a sport you may never before have even considered.

If you are interested in joining the army of skating Corpuscles then email President Jake Hutchinson or visit the Alts website.