Suspended Students

“Suspension” describes the temporary suspension of studies. Many use the term “rusticate” interchangably with suspension, although this is not the case. Rustication is a semi-punitive measure that Colleges can exert for students who have done something in the eyes of College that merits the student taking time away from their studies. Suspension is a collaborative process by which you elect to suspend your studies, usually based on personal matters, and to then return after a period, typically a year.
Many students consider suspension throughout the year, and there should be no stigma attached to what is a very mature decision to make regarding whether one is fit to study given certain circumstances that might be complicating this beyond their control. However, often many students who consider suspension decide that they will not suspend and instead work with College, and other resources, to identify problems and try and resolve them. Suspension typically entails leaving College to return the following year in the same term from which you suspended. However, there is some flexibility in this, which can be negotiated with College.
During your suspension, the expectation from College is that you will take the time to manage whatever problem has been facing you, before returning to academic work, which they recommend only in the lead-up to returning back to Oxford at the end of your suspension. During your suspension, there is some limitation to your visiting rights to College, and it is expected that you do not attend lectures etc if you remain resident in Oxford. Upon returning from Suspension, you will have to sit Collections, which are to ensure everyone, including yourself, that you’re ready to return to academic work. You will be placed on a non-punitive and Welfare-related academic probation, which is simply to ensure that College are keeping in touch with you to ensure you’re receiving all the help and support that you need to thrive when you return.

All of the following are happy to discuss academic concerns, and suspension etc. if you desire:

  • Melissa Talbot (Acad. Affairs and Susp. Students JCR)
  • Sampada Venkatesh (JCR President)
  • Prof. Mark Wormald (Senior Tutor)
  • Rachel Clifford (Academic Registrar)
  • Judith Maltby (Dean of Welfare)

  • Guide for suspended students: