Who’s Who?

The JCR Committee

The JCR Committee
The Executive Committee

President Treasurer Vice President Returning Officer
Non-Executive Committee

Welfare (Female) Welfare (Male) Access Officer Careers

Charities Domestic Officer Academic Affairs Equal Opportunities

OxSU Officer Emily

International Students Environment and Ethics Officer OxSU Officer Accommodation Officer

Arts Officer Ella

Arts Clubs & Socs Entz President Custos Testudinum

See the history of Corpus JCR Committee here!

The Equal Opportunities Representatives

The Equal Opportunities Representatives

Hannah Taylor

Mental Health Rep Emily

Disabilities Rep Mental Health Rep LGBTQ+ Rep Women’s Rep

BME Rep Sahima
BME Rep Trans and Gender Minorities Rep


Other elected roles

Beer Cellar Rep Computing & Website Officer Corpus Cinema Curator Poet Laureate


For a history of JCR committees and candidates’ manifestos, see: