Who’s Who?

The JCR Committee

The JCR Committee
The Executive Committee

President Treasurer Vice President Returning Officer
Non-Executive Committee

Welfare (Female) Welfare (Male) Welfare (Gender-Neutral) Access Officer

Zaman Keinath-Esmail
Charities Domestic Officer Academic Affairs Equal Opportunities

International Students Environment and Ethics Officer OxSU Officer Accommodation Officer

Arts Clubs & Socs Entz President Custos Testudinum


See the history of Corpus JCR Committee here!

The Equal Opportunities Representatives

The Equal Opportunities Representatives
Disabilities Rep Mental Health Rep LGBTQ+ Rep Women’s Rep
BME Rep Trans and Gender Minorities Rep Class Rep


Other elected roles

Beer Cellar Rep Computing & Website Officer Corpus Cinema Curator Poet Laureate


For a history of JCR committees and candidates’ manifestos, see: