…would seem to be the Corpus philosophy! Every day except Saturday, at 4pm there’s ‘JCR Tea’, which is, unsurprisingly, held in the JCR, and those in need of a break can enjoy tea, coffee, biscuits (if you arrive soon enough!) and a friendly chat.

On Saturdays, the welfare team go one better with ‘Welfare Tea’. At 4 pm, all around the JCR and the Livingstone TV room, scones, fruit, crisps, cheese, salmon, hummus, brownies and many other tasty snacks are available along with tea, coffee and a chance to unwind. In Trinity, welfare teas are often held outside in the garden.

As if that’s not enough, every Fifth Week of Trinity is Corpus Cares Week. To get rid of those Fifth Week Blues, run events every day to help you relax. Plus, JCR teas and welfare tea are upgraded with cake, cookies, bagels, doughnuts and even more of the usual snacks to cater for many, many hungry people!

Welfare isn’t just about tea though! To find out more, see the guides below.

The College’s Brief Welfare Guide:

The JCR Welfare Guide:

Guide for suspended students: