…would seem to be the Corpus philosophy! Every weekday afternoon at 4pm there’s ‘JCR Tea’, which is, unsurprisingly, held in the JCR, and those in need of a break can enjoy tea, coffee, biscuits and a friendly chat.

Then on Sundays at 4pm the welfare team run ‘Women’s Tea’ and ‘Men’s Tea’ in the Fraenkel Room and Seminar Rooms respectively where scones, fruit, crisps, cheese and a few other tasty snacks are available along with tea, coffee and a chance to unwind… As if that’s not enough, during Fifth Week of term the welfare officers lay on a bumper feast either in the Hall, or if it’s Trinity in the Garden, to get rid of those Fifth Week Blues! We imaginatively call it ‘Welfare Tea’. This is the setting for a massive free-for-all of cake, brownies, cookies, fruit, bagels, doughnuts, tea and many, many hungry people!

Welfare isn’t just about tea though! To find out more, see the Corpus JCR welfare guide below, or download here.

Guide for suspended students