Take Notice!


Hey and welcome to 4th week – hope everyone’s having a great time of it so far!

I have just finished a looong JCR meeting, but hey, we’ve got to let democracy thrive! So with that done, I’m getting on with the weekly lowdown of what’s gone on and what you need to know.

First off, massive congratulations are in order for our new Women’s Representative, Lilya Tata, and our new Computing Officer, Edward Hart! Welcome to the the world of college committees – I’m sure you’ll both be amazing!

Secondly, please remember to check out and apply to the Travel Scholarship – £5,000 is available for you to go and do something amazing. Email Rachel Pearson, the Academic Registrar, if you have any questions about the scheme.

Thirdly, our Entz Officer, Shiv Bhardwaj, has just released a survey about payment methods for the Beer Cellar. If you often visit, or would like to visit but often don’t find yourself with cash-in-hand, then fill out the form! It’s quick to do and could help make a small, but much-needed change to Beer Cellar life.

On to more general news, this week the Welfare Officers, Equal Opportunities President and I attended the Welfare Lunch meeting. We brought up the idea of a college counsellor and a welfare room. Regarding the former, further investigation will be undergone to see whether this is viable, but in the mean time I want to stress the use of our new college nurse, Midge Curran. Midge is available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: – 11am – noon, Tuesdays: – 3-5pm
 and Thursdays: 1-3pm. She is a great welfare source that is not directly tied to college and offers a confidential meeting; also, she has stressed that she is available to discuss both physical and mental health! As for a welfare room, the main problem we came up against was the search for a room that is not currently in use. If you’ve got any ideas let Abi Newton, Welfare Officer –  she’s keen (as am I) to get this off the ground.

This week I also met with the Bursar to discuss how the REACH scholarship stands since it was last discussed over a year ago. The state of affairs is that the JCR needs to bank £10.5k before college will pay the other necessary costs to start the process of funding a student. If you feel passionately about the REACH Scholarship, please let Teneeka Mai, Charities Officer, or I know as we’re keen to hear whether you feel this is a worthwhile investment.

Last week, I said I had the shortest meeting ever with the Governing Body, but we had a challenger this week from OUSU Council. I and Hannah Cheah, OUSU Officer, attended Council which lasted barely over 5 minutes. However, in this 5 minutes we were reminded to tell you to vote in OUSU elections! Even the most apathetic of you have something to gain as the college with the highest turn out can win up to £600 for their JCR! Think of what we could do if we won (coffee machine? decor? bigger and better events?)

Finally, on Wednesday we had the Equal Opportunities Committee meeting headed by our Equal Opportunities President, Shahryar Iravani. We met to discuss plans for Unity Week 2017!! From what I heard before I left for OUSU Council, the equal opps reps have some amazing ideas, from panel discussions to banner-making. Remember to like the Facebook group to get all the relevant details.

This seems to have been a sufficient amount of news to convey in one sitting, so I think I’ll stop here.

Have a fantastic week!


P.S The Bulletin

Third is the Word



It’s been a relatively quiet week for the committee generally speaking. Our one big event was of course Burn’s Night formal, but other than that your JCR Officers have been quietly working away on various projects with events to be announced oh so imminently.

Looking at my diary it seems to be taken up with various books to be read, but on closer inspection there are a few things that may or may not be of interest to you…

Firstly, I can now confirm that the Suspension Guide is in its first draft stages. All material has been gathered and is now being edited. If anyone out there is a keen graphic designer give Bex or I a shout as we could do with making it look less like an intimidating White Paper. On the same topic, at Prescom this week we discussed various suspension matters; St Peter’s have had the similar queries to us, so I think we’re looking to each other for help drafting changes. More information to come at a later date.

Having firmly ticked the box of getting the guide underway, there’s a few other loose ends to pick up. Everyone needs to give our OUSU and Charities Officer a big thank you because they have agreed to champion the forgotten Reach Scholarship cause! To give some context, the Reach Scholarship allows an international student who would not normally be able to afford/access study in Oxford the chance to come to Corpus. College already agreed nearly two years ago to get this underway, but we are still waiting on a way for the JCR to raise the required funds.

In other news, myself and the Treasurer attended the world’s shortest Governing Body meeting –  a whole 4 minutes long. If you’re wondering why this is, it’s because Governing Body is divided into unreserved and reserved business. JCR representatives are only allowed to go for unreserved business and, given the reserved agenda was quite long, we were out of there pretty quick. Hopefully next time we will have more of a role, as the Constitution which the JCR has approved will making its way very shortly through JCC and then on to GB to be discussed. If anyone ever has any questions about these sorts of processes, feel free to get in touch with myself or our VP who is very much in the know.

Finally, this week saw the first Pres Drop-in Session! I thought that it would see no-one turn up but apparently for one Corpuscle it appeared useful. I plan to hold another this term that hopefully will be better organised with some incentives that may come in the form of food.

Looking forward, this week I have a Welfare Lunch Meeting, a meeting with the Bursar, an Equal Opps meeting and OUSU Council. Within this there will be discussions about the role of welfare tutors, what the implementation of the Reach Scholarship will now look like, organising Unity Week and whatever motions have been submitted by uni students to OUSU. If any of this is of interest, feel free to message me.

Right I think that’s it for now, so in the famous words of Gabriella Montez from HSM “I’ve gotta go my own way”

Have an awesome week!

Al xxx

P.S. Here’s the Bulletin

It’s Second Week and things are hotting up…



Having just finished a very tense meeting where a motion failed by only one vote, I thought it appropriate to lighten (hopefully) the mood with updates on progress with the Presidential side of things.

First up is the work into suspension issues. Bex (our Academic Affairs and Suspended Students Officer) and I have held various meetings with SusCam, the Senior Tutor, and Academic Registrar – that means we’ve got lots of info to compile into the new Suspension Guide. Hopefully, since we have all the info already, this shouldn’t take too long, and will be ready for use by the end of the term.

Secondly, is our work into other welfare matters in college; over the past few years there have been many calls for changes to the welfare structures in college, and this week Abi, Tom and I started to push this further. We had a Welfare Conference on Wednesday, where we collated ideas from other colleges about how to aid changes. Our next step is to set up meetings with various senior members of college to start the discussion flowing. As Abi and Tom said over the vac, if you have anything you want to say about welfare provision as it stands, they are ready and willing to listen!

With these things underway, I’m now looking to set up a meeting with the Senior Tutor to discuss how we as a college can promote a forum to discuss prevalent social issues in Oxford. This may take the form of a seminar open to anyone, where they can drop in and join in the discussion. The aim of this is to create an environment that gives students a chance to communicate ideas or problems to other members of college on an equal footing, and hopefully with cake added in too!

Speaking of opening up discussion, I’m planning to hold my first President’s Surgery this coming Saturday 28th after brunch at 12.30pm. This is so anyone can drop by with a question, problem or query and hopefully I’ll be able to guide you in the right direction. To keep the environment informal and comfortable I’m planning to hold these in the TV room (should it be empty). I hope to see many of you there!

Should you have any questions of what I’ve said above feel free to email/message me. The aim is to keep my work as transparent as possible, so I hope haven’t left any loose ends.

As always, keep an eye out for upcoming events:

  1. The ballot numbers are being released this Monday
  2. Corpus Challenge is being held 12th February
  3. Charities Week is in 6th Week
  4. Environment and Ethics Week is in 7th Week

For even more info on what’s going on around the university, check out this week’s Bulletin.

That’s all for now, hope you have a lovely second week.

Stay warm and rested!

Alice xx

P.S Please check out our accommodation section on for a detailed list of rooms. Or even better, check out the room survey to get the dirt on the rooms and work out which one you want!

Welcome to Corpus 500



I’m very excited to have completed my first few weeks as JCR Pres! I thought I’d start this blog to give you an idea of what my weeks involve (so that you know I’m actually doing things) and so that you can then ask me questions/suggest other ideas the JCR should be working on.

This is of course our quincentenary year and as such I have been drawing up ideas to emphasise where Corpus can go from here. This year will have lots of events celebrating our past, but hopefully we as a JCR can create events and push for changes that focus on what’s next for the college. If you have an idea of something you’d like to do to celebrate this then let me know! I hope we can end 2017 knowing we added positively to the college’s history.

So, having said that, I’ll give my quick debrief into what I’ve done this week:

  1. I attended Academic Committee. One of the talking points was the guidelines on suspension that have just been published by the Senior Tutor’s Committee. Bex and I thought that this was a good time to mention we’re wanting to make a Suspension Guide for the JCR. Hopefully this will be ready by the end of this term and will help students know what the process involves before going to senior members in college.
  2. A few of us went to the Stanford lunch to meet the new Stanford students – hopefully we recruited some more people for Corpus Challenge!
  3. I’ve been meeting with some JCR officers and reps about their plans for the year. It sounds like they could make some positive immediate changes to college, so go talk to them to find out what they are!
  4. With Tom and Abi, we put forward our wanted agenda for a uni-wide Welfare Meeting this Thursday. We’ll let you know how it goes and what comes of our agenda (more on that next week).

Being 0th week it has been a slow start to the year, but there’s lots lined up for the next few weeks. Particularly important events to remember are Corpus Challenge, Charities Week and Environment and Ethics Week!

Please let me know if you want any further details on the things mentioned above or if you want to write your own blog piece for the website!

That’s all for now,

Love Al xxx

P.S. with every post I’m attaching that week’s bulletin in case you want to look back for events and opportunities at some point Bulletin 15:01:17.

The JCR Bulletin


Welcome to the Corpus Christi JCR website!

This page will be used to share information relevant to existing members of the JCR, prospective students and those simply interested in what’s going on in our tiny patch of Oxford. It will also be used by our President, currently Alice Rubbra, as our own 21st-century answer to the fireside chat.

Most of us are quite busy either procrastinating in the JCR or otherwise doing less productive things than updating the JCR website. As a result, don’t be too surprised if there are elements on the website which appear neglected. I am, slowly but surely, getting to it. If there’s anything urgent missing, feel free to email me.

Akshay Bilolikar