Hello and Welcome!


Hey there,

This bulletin post is mainly directed at any First Years who have stumbled there way across our JCR website. First of all, welcome to the page, please use it to get the lowdown on what has happened in the JCR over the week, to sign-up to formal or to find out Who’s Who on our JCR committee.

My week has mainly been taken up with organising Freshers Week, so other than this I have little to report other than an Academic Committee meeting held on Friday looking at the admissions report for this last year. I’m sure by next week I’ll have lots more information about the different things happening in and around college that affect students. However, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the JCR Freshcom Committee for all their hardwork in organising freshers week!

Anyway, if you are a fresher, I hope you have enjoyed your first week at Oxford and are getting ready to start (if you haven’t already) your course! There are lots of people on the JCR committee ready and willing to help answer any question you may have, whether it is academic based (talk to Julia our Academic Affairs and Suspended Students Officer), welfare related (talk to the Welfare Officers or a Peer Supporter) or whether it is about Equal Opportunities (chat to Shahyrar our Equal Opps President or one of the members of the Equal Opportunities Committee). Or, if you’re thinking “hey I’d like to get involved in the JCR and become a committee member” then come chat to me in the Welfare Room (by the JCR toilets) next Saturday 14th between 12.30-1.30pm. I’ve been helping out with the JCR for two years now, so should be able to answer most questions on what being on the JCR committee involves.

You may have noticed that the JCR is in charge of putting on lots of events and keeping you posted on things happening in and around college, but if you’re not sure how to check what’s happening go to the JCR’s Facebook page. Alternatively, check out my weekly bulletin email with lots of information on what’s happening in Oxford!

I think that’ll be it for now. Please message myself or other committee members with any questions that may arise. My JCR-based task for this week is attempting to finally get a coffee machine for the JCR, but I will keep you posted on this progress!


Alice xox

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Thank You and Goodnight


Hey all,

It’s finally coming to the end of term! This means that this is my final blog post for quite some time, but lucky for you I have some important information to share.

First up, a reminder that this term’s second Corpus Converses will be held tomorrow from 1-2.30pm in the Seminar Room. This will be discussing the impact of tuition fees on university structures like teaching – should be an interesting discussion particularly after the election results from Thursday.

Having got that out the way, I’ll now go into detail about the various meetings I’ve been to this term. On Monday I went to Equality Committee. This hasn’t been held in some time, but it has been decided that college will now have at least two a year. It was also decided that both the JCR President and the Equal Opportunities President should attend. As it is a committee that has not been visited in a long time, there is as of yet no link on weblearn to the agenda, but hopefully this will be made available imminently. If you’d like to learn more about what was discussed please just give me an email.

Second committee meeting of the week was Academic Committee on Wednesday. Here, the results of the undergraduate feedback questionnaire were discussed. I was asked how the relationship between senior and junior members could be improved. This was quite a large question but the main points I brought up where that it was often felt that decisions made by senior members , even if the decision process involved undergraduates, was not feedback properly and decisions were not fully explained often leading to confusion and students feeling undermined. I also said that students needed to be more involved in big decision making in college, such as the planned renovations to the library. Focus groups should be sued more to give direct feedback as to what might be good/bad about designs and to properly incorporate students into the planning process. In short, students should be involved more and when they are decisions made by senior members should be explained properly.

On the same day I went to OUSU Council. Here various motions were discussed including whether OUSU sabbatical officers should pressure the university to end wearing of scholars gowns to final examinations. After lengthy debate it was agreed upon that this motion had been hastily put forward and that a student consultation should be undergone before such a motion was agreed upon. Let me know if you’d like to see the detailed minutes of this debate.

On the Thursday I attended JCC informal lunch. Here, there was further discussion on the library renovations and how students could be involved. However, added to this was a discussion on decanal fines policy and how, as of next term, the college would undergo a trial period of using community service instead of a fine in instances where students have broken the code of conduct. Finally, further discussions were made about acquiring a coffee machine for the JCR and MCR. Hopefully a decision will be made on this during the summer vacation, though I will continue to ask for updates!

Today I held a final freshers’ week meeting where we finalised plans and worked out what needs to be done. Keep an eye out for emails about how you can get involved and help with the week. We also had a JCR meeting this evening where decisions included purchasing a kettle and cushions for the welfare room.

That’s it for now! Hope I managed to cover everything that might be of interest and do let me know if there’s anything achieved next term so I can plan over the Summer.




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Quiet Pelican People



So for some reason 6th week has been a surprisingly quiet one for the JCR (though it looks like 7th is going to be as busy as ever). I started of the week attending a pretty awesome President’s Seminar from a former Corpuscle working in public policy at Google. Keep an eye out for these seminars as this was my first one and have only just realised you can get a free meal if you go!!

Other than that bit of excitement, I have been organizing the next Corpus Converses. This one will prove to be smaller than ones in the past due to us being bang in the middle of exam period but I’m sure it will be an interesting discussion on the impact of rising tuition fees. Some SCR members should also be attending so that questions and queries can be shared between the two common rooms. It’s on Thursday 8th from 1-2.30pm.

On top of this, I attended a President’s Committee at Oriel on Wednesday. Points of discussion were which colleges had communal kitchen spaces in college for all students to use. This sparked an idea to see whether it was possible to provide a microwave in the JCR for all those who live out to use – I am waiting to hear back on whether this can happen. I have also asked our JCR Accommodation Officer whether we have going ahead with the vacation storage and hopefully this will be being looked into towards the end of term. What also came up in the meeting was a question of whether colleges rent out graduation gowns to finalists; having asked at the Porter’s lodge I have been told that Nick rents out gowns and you can email/talk to him about this if you want to get one for your graduation ceremony. Finally, I have been told by the OUSU President to remind finalists that they can still buy NUS cards that will give them 3 more years of student discounts even after they cease to be students!! Seems like a pretty good deal.

I held another drop-in session on Saturday. I hold these so that I have a period of time each week where I am completely available to answer JCR members’ questions. This week I was asked whether the vending machine could be mixed. Having messaged a JCR Treasurer from three years ago she says that they tried to find out the company in charge of servicing it and made no progress. However, our Domestic Officer will be attempting to phone the company this week to get this sorted; should this not work then we may have to look into changing the machines.

That’s all that’s happened this week. Next week I will be chasing up on what’s happening with the promised coffee machine and reduced accommodation costs for students with extended terms. I will be attending Equality Committee, Proctors’ Meeting, Academic Committee, OUSU Council, JCC informal lunch and Freshers’ Week Committee meeting! All this will be reported on next week!

Until then,

Alice xox

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Turtle-y awesome bulletin


Hey all,

We’ve just finished our 2017 Tortoise Fair raising money for Rory’s Well. After selling many glasses of Pimms, ice-creams and burgers we think we have raised roughly around £3000! Big thank you to Beth Graham for organising such a fantastic day and also thanks to all the musicians who performed throughout the fair – you were all fantastic! The Tortoise Fair goes to show how amazing Corpus is in helping each other organise events for people inside and out of this university.

To make today even more fantastic, in the JCR meeting this evening there was a unanimous decision to allow voting rights for suspended students! This is a great step towards making sure suspended students can stay connected to the JCR in their year out if they want to and that they can affect who becomes JCR Officers – another great change!

This week I attended OUSU Council and Governing Body. In the latter there was discussion of the proposed change to the matriculation ceremony, making it optional instead of compulsory and introducing an online administrative form. Alongside this the Fairtrade Policy as championed by Lizzie and Miriam passed, meaning Corpus is on the way to accreditation. In OUSU Council, most discussion centred around how council could be made more interesting/engaging. Hannah and I were pretty stumped on this issue, so if you have any ideas as to how council could be made more interesting for students, let us know!

Other minor changes to JCR matters was the passing of the motion to change the Domestic Officer’s standing orders to create a termly Food Committee; this will meet to discuss issues with hall, formals etc. Again, this little change will hopefully mean that issues are solved quickly and do not re-occur. It has also been suggested that the Domestic Officer look into fixing the vending machines, as it is now known that they are JCR-owned.

A Personal Development Fund meeting also took place on Friday meaning that those that applied for funding should be hearing back form the Junior Dean soon. If you have any questions about how money is allocated, don’t hesitate to ask!

A new thing to note is that proposals are now open for the extra charity money. We have £4,000 of un-spent charities money and we are looking to give this out to those who wish to put on an event/run a campaign that will raise money directly to a chosen charity; just fill in the form that Teneeka sent via email!

Speaking of competitions, remember that the mural design competition is still open! Having seen some of the designs already I am sure that when it finally gets re-decorated the Beer Cellar is going to look fresh and amazing.

That’s all in the way of big news this week, as you can see some changes have been to college that hopefully improve the lives of students! This next week I will be attending prescom, organising a new Corpus Converses and chasing up papers that were submitted earlier this term!

Bye for now,

Alice xox

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Corpuscles of the World, Unite!



Congratulations to all those who have finished exams so far and good luck to those about to start!

This week we have been busy with events for Corpus; Unity Week! On Monday we had an interesting talk on the concepts of masculinity – head on over to the Unity Week Facebook page to get more details as to what was discussed. We also had lots of banner decorations and #weunite photos, so stay tuned to see those uploaded onto the page.

In other news, I attended Academic Committee on Wednesday. This was quite an eventful meeting whereby the Freshers’ Week timetable was approved, as well as discussions on whether the matriculation ceremony should continue. The latter subject will be brought up for discussion next JCR meeting, so if you have any pressing questions or opinions make sure you get to the JCR on Sunday at 7.30pm for that.

Also on the Wednesday I discussed with the Domestic Bursar when the design for the Beer Cellar should be handed in and hAndy said it will be needed by the end of term. This means that if you have a great and simple design for the mural, make sure you get your designs to Shiv. I stress that designs should be as easy as possible so that a decorator will be able to quickly paint them out, else we may have to do it ourselves! I also found out in this meeting that apparently we own the vending machines and therefore upkeep is under the remit of the JCR. As such, I will be looking into whether these can be serviced to become workable once again.

On Thursday I attended President’s Committee where we had interesting discussions on topics such as a charity initiative across colleges, diversifying portraiture and rent. Remember, if you have anything that you would like to be asked of/brought up at these meetings please let me know, as it’s a great way to share information across colleges in a more informal setting.

The longest meeting I had this week was the termly Joint Consultative Committee. The JCR brought up three issues of reducing accommodation charges for undergraduates with extended terms, changing decanal fines policy and getting a coffee machine into the Beer Cellar. Regarding reducing charges for undergraduates with extended terms, the has been recommended to be taken to the next Hardship Committee meeting to see whether spare budget can be opened up to students in the situation as outlined above. At the moment, the hardship fund is only used for students who suddenly find themselves in financial hardship, such as if you needed money to pay for rent to stay in Oxford and complete a project. I will be informed over the next few weeks of committee’s decision. As for decanal fines policy, unfortunately the dean was not present at the meeting, but this matter will be brought up again at the informal JCC lunch at the end of term. The Domestic Bursar is to bring the issue of providing a coffee machine up with Finance and Budget Committee and hopefully further progress will be made on the issue. Other topics up for discussion included Fair Trade accreditation whose policy should be moving towards Governing Body and access to Liddell from the Christ Church Bridge which will be explored with the Head of the neighbouring college.

This following week will include meetings such as Governing Body and OUSU, so stay tuned for updates on those!

All for now,

Alice xxx

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Hey (hey) what a wonderful kind of day



Thought I’d write this in the afternoon whilst my thoughts are still vaguely coherent. It’s been a pretty hectic week so I thought that I’d give the low down right here.

On Monday we had the dreaded Rent Negotiations that actually turned out to be ok! We have accepted a rise in rent by 2.71% in line with VNI on the basis that we do not want to see a massive hike up next year, particularly when inflation is still set to rise. As compensation, we came to these decisions:

1) The battel charge for First Years of £15 for Monday night of 0th week has been scrapped from now on. This cost will just be absorbed into normal rent charges. 

2) Magie Lane 7 & 8 buildings will have showers fixed as soon as is practically posssible. Complete renovation of the buildings (inc. kitchens) are planned to start next year summer 2018 for ML7, and summer 2019 for ML8. If showers are not fixed by this Tinrity Term, then Magpie buildings will be downgraded to band C.

3) All freshers with specific medical / religious dietary requirements should, from October be housed in First Year accommodation with kitchens.  In addition, a termly food committee will meet to discuss issues with hall will be set up, so that issues are addressed swiftly and effectively quickly.

4) College provides food for students from Tuesday dinner of week 0 through to and including Friday lunch of week 9 – this will be advertised to the JCR. Beyond that provision needs  should be raised at Food Committee although it has to understood that  there are significant issues with extending the service.

5) The Beer Cellar is to be re-painted. After this re-decoration, photos will be permitted to be put up and they have also agreed we can make it colourful with a mural. Our design proposals require formal and advance approval by the Domestic Bursar. The Welfare/Meeting Room is also to be decorated and this will be discussed with the Domestic Bursar.

6) Lowering accommodation costs for 4th year scientists is to be taken to JCC on Friday 4th week. This has been recognised as a pressing concern that should be taken to university / department  level. Exploration of the issues at JCC expose the  Governing Body to the facts.

That’s all on that front. We hope everyone is in agreement that this will see some significant changes to rooms and student life at college. If anyone would like to read the original paper or look at how college came to the 2.71% rent rise let me know.

On top of this, I also presented the Senior Tutor with a paper on Suspension Policy this week. The following changes/adjustments have been made or points have been reiterated:

  • The Suspension Guide is up on the JCR website that students can look to for an overview of Suspension Policy. Remember that is you are thinking of suspension, there are some great podcasts on the University Counselling website!
  • Regarding access to the library, a decision has been made that any student returning from suspension in a term in which they are sitting University exams is given the option of coming back into residence two weeks before the start of term and so will have full access to College facilities from then. This is a compromise to our proposal to allow access to library facilities in the run-up to a student’s return to college. If you are thinking of suspending and know that certain texts are in the Corpus library needed for collections upon return, or a similar situation, then the college allows the possibility of library access to be discussed with your tutors, Senior Tutor and Academic Registrar. The official college line is this: “Students whose status is suspended are not normally allowed to use the College’s library or IT facilities. Students are encouraged to discuss the academic support they might need with their College Tutor(s) and/or the Senior Tutor, and each case will be judged on its own individual merits.” If you want someone to talk you through what you can ask for/discuss in the run-up to your decision to suspend, please talk to myself or the AccAff and Suspended Students Officer.
  • It is being discussed with the Peer Support Group at the moment whether suspended students will be able to keep in touch with a Peer Supporter throughout the year of suspension as a point of reference to the University Counselling Services (which can still be used in this year out) or simply as a point of checking in.
  • Use of JCR Guest Room by suspended students is allowed. Instead of another student having to book one in their name and it being added to their battels, a suspended student can book one in their own name and just pay cash (or cheque) on collection of the keys from the lodge.
  • Regarding accommodation arrangements upon re-entering college the following has been added to the letter given to students who are suspending: “Accommodation cannot be guaranteed but will, if at all possible, be provided to you when you return to your studies. Once you have satisfied the above condition you will be informed of the rooms that are available and you will be able to select the room you would like to move into.  If, on the extremely rare occasion, the College is unable to provide accommodation you will be notified as soon as this is known.” It is very very unlikely that no room will be available and where there is a choice of rooms, suspended students will now be able to choose where they would like to live.

Again, I hope that these changes satisfy some concerns students have had over suspension. Obviously I am aware that these are not all the changes to suspension policy that JCR members wanted to see, but I hope it is a step in the right direction. If anyone would like to see the paper I have written on the matter, please let me know.

Also this week I attended Welfare Lunch on Tuesday where we promoted UNITY WEEK starting as of today. An equal opps meeting was also held on this day to discuss the final arrangements for the week.

Other than that I have had several meetings with individuals finalising some of the details as laid out above. I also met with our Charity Officer, Teneeka, to discuss how to use the excess charity budget. An email will be going out soon about a competition opening up whereby JCR members can propose events/campaigns that will spend the money and also raise money for charity. This will run alongside a competition on decorating the beer cellar.

That’s all that went down this week (though it is quite a lot). There’ll be another busy update next week as JCC meeting will have occurred, but will let you know what happens with that at the time!

Alice xxx

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Third is the Word (Take 2)


Hey there,

If you don’t know it yet, this week we have Corpus Cares!! If you’re a finalist make sure you sign up for FREE care packages to get you through that final revision push.

Last week was pretty hectic with Arts Week, Intra-University Challenge and the JCR Photo, but hopefully people feel like they’ve benefitted from the events and have some nice memories of our quincentenary year!

In amongst this work, I did have a chance to present a paper on changing suspension policy to the Senior Tutor. We’ve worked out what bits can be changed easily and what bits need to be taken through Academic Committee, so hopefully this will be sorted out by 4th week, or at the latest 7th week. I’ve met with our new RO to discuss getting voting for suspended students and we’re looking at re-interpreting/re-writing some bits, but again, this will be taken to a JCR Meeting this term.

On Wednesday I met with the President to go over the agenda of the Governing Body meeting. There was nothing of note, but bear in mind that next GB meeting, Wednesday 5th Week, they will be discussing the rent and charges proposals put to them by myself and the JCR Treasurer. Hopefully there will also be discussion of changing college fines policy. Rent negotiations stat at 11.30am tomorrow, so we will let you know what happens, what gets accepted and what doesn’t etc.

This coming week there will be the Welfare Lunch. If anyone has any queries about welfare provision in college now is the time to talk to myself, our JCR Welfare Officers or our Equal Opps President to bring it up in the lunch. The main discussion may be around Unity Week that is coming up next week (4th week). Make sure you check out all of the events and attend the talks.

Other than these key points there is nothing else to really cover on the JCR side of things. This term is very much focused on presenting papers and making changes to college needed to suit undergraduates. As this is the term of negotiation and discussion, I heavily recommend that you mention to the JCR Committee NOW anything that you would like to see changed/brought to the forefront.

Sorry this is not a very interesting blog post, but hopefully these committee meetings and papers will make lasting changes for all JCR members.

Alice xxx

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Hey good looking


Well hey there,

Welcome to the post for second week TT 2017. I’m here to take you through the highlights of the past week and guide you to what’s coming up for the JCR.

First up, I’m going to have to do a plug for Arts Week events. We have the TV Presenter Dave Benson Phillips coming in for a Q&A; definitely something you don’t want to miss if you were an avid fan of CBBC back in the day and are also looking for a career in journalism or broadcasting! Other events include the very sophisticated Pimms and Portraiture. If all this catches your fancy. but you want more then you should also head on over to the auditorium at 5.30pm on Thursday 4th (after you have voted of course)!

With these amazing events, you know you’re in for a good TT at CCC and with that I’ll take you through what has happened over the past week. Just this evening we have elected our new returning officer, Francesca Parkes, who will be interpreting our constitution and running elections for the next year! We’re sure that she will do an amazing job. As it is TT, we are also facing our second batch of JCR elections of the year, with positions up for grabs such as Vice President and Accommodation Officer. Make sure you check out all the roles available if you want to get involved!

It’s been a quiet week meeting-wise. On Wednesday I attended OUSU Council where a motion to create a new OUSU campaign entitled Class Act was passed. This campaign will act as a voice for all students who identify as working-class, low-income background, state-educated or are a first generation student. Our Socio-Economic Liberation rep has been involved in creating the campaign, so well done Jack!

On Thursday I had a meeting with the Bursar and Domestic Bursar running through what JCR members would like to see changed regarding rent and charges within college. I presented a paper that I had written over the vacation and this will be debated in 3rd week. Fingers crossed we get support for the proposals!!

Today (Sunday of 2nd week) I have held meetings with most of the JCR Committee members focusing on what they want to do over this term/creating handover documents getting ready for the next person taking the role. In the meeting we saw lots of unanimous votes supporting buying reusable coffee cups with the Corpus logo, changing decanal fines policy to one orientated around community service, the JCR budget, getting storage boxes for students to leaving belongings over the vacation period AND giving money to the Tortoise Fair (happening on the 28th May). These are all amazingly positive changes that bit by bit will make students lives at Corpus easier. Remember that anyone can send in a motion for a JCR meeting!

This next week will see a meeting with the Senior Tutor looking at suspension policy, a meeting with the President to discuss JCR plans, the intra-university challenge of course AND the JCR photo!

Lots of get involved in – so make sure you keep informed about what’s going on!

Alice xxx

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Here we go, here we go, here we go again



Welcome back to TT 2017 – hope you’ve had somewhat of a relaxing vac!

Now that term has started again, I’m here to let you know what’s going on in the world of the JCR.

First up, “hello to our friends from across the pond” as this term’s Stanford Students have arrived! Make sure if you’re organising anything that emails get out to all students.

Secondly, we’ve got some big events coming up:

  • OUSU have their SPRINGTIDE free festival on 30th April in Uni Parks. They’ll be bands, food stands and a petting zoo
  • ARTS WEEK is in 2nd week and we’ll be joined by Dave Benson Phillips on Wednesday 3rd May, make sure you save a space! The next day at 5.30pm in the auditorium we will be having an intra-college university challenge between JCR, MCR, SCR and Staff that will be chaired by uni challenge champion, Gail Trimble!
  • CORPUS CARES WEEK will be taking place in 3rd week, making sure that finalists get the care they need before exams!!
  • UNITY WEEK will be in 4th week, so make sure you come along to some fun and interesting talks, symposia and drinks events!

Of course, these events are on top of those already planned by college for the quincentenary, so make sure you get your eyes peeled for alerts in emails about what’s coming up that you can get involved in to celebrate our college!

From my perspective, this term will be very busy enacting papers and policies. First up his rent negotiations that will be taking place in 3rd week. Having taken in suggestions from the various surveys, I have compiled a paper addressing the key rent and charges issues the JCR would like addressed. If you want to read this paper before it is discussed with the Bursars, then let me know. Alongside this paper is one that has been drafted to address the extra accommodation costs faced by undergraduates with extended terms. Again, if you feel strongly on this issue you are welcome to read over the paper.

Other papers or issues that are being addressed is suspension policy and fines. I am currently finalising some suggestions for college’s policy that hopefully I will begin to discuss in committees this term and will be asking the JCR in the 2nd week meeting whether they think the decanal fines policy should be updated to allow students the choice in paying a fine or completing a certain number of hours of community service.

I hope that everyone enjoyed the new cash machine at the bop last night! As you may have noticed we have also got a new sofa and bar stools. However, this is not the end of our quest for updating the JCR. We now have a Welfare Room (the former table tennis room) that can be used as a quiet study space or if anyone just wants to chill for a bit. Over this term it should be getting more decorations and welfare resources, so please donate if you have any going spare!

That’s all there seems to be for now! I hope you all have a great start to the term and will see you all at the meeting next Sunday!!

Alice xxx

Thank You and Goodnight (for now)



I’m coming to the end of my first term as JCR President and it’s certainly been as busy and hectic as people warned me it would be! We’ve done some awesome things this term like our Corpus Challenge, Charity Week and E&E week, but there’s also been a lot of work behind the scenes in changing things to make life at college that little bit better. We’ve seen a complete update of our website (thanks Akshay), a brand new suspension guide, more transparency with welfare structures, an updated accommodation survey, a Corpus Converses and big decisions regarding our charities budget! If it doesn’t seem like much, it’s probably because each one of these events takes a lot of time and organisation which I couldn’t do without our fantastic committee!

Looking now to next term, there are three key proposals we are looking to make, the first is regarding suspension policy as the JCR has just as of today past a motion for the VP and myself to look into allowing suspended students to vote in JCR elections. The second is rent negotiations, in particular reducing vacation residence costs for fourth year scientists and thirdly, we are looking into changing decanal fines policy, adding an option for community service. This will be alongside continuing work on Corpus Converses talks, our amazing Unity Week and starting to organise freshers’ week as well. It’s going to be very busy, but hopefully will lead to an even more community-orientated college.

On to more mundane things, this week I met with the Dean to understand how decanal fines currently work. This will go some way into working out what could change, if indeed change is wanted. Within academic committee this week the main discussion was on the report from this year’s admissions cycle – all the info of which can be found on the college weblearn page. I also attended OUSU council which, if you’re super keen, you can ask me about!

I biggest steps forward this week came in the JCC informal lunch where we discussed what the currently disused squash court is to become. The two proposals as they stand are to renovate it back into a useable squash court or to turn it into a fitness suite with extra rooms. Tomorrow we will be meeting with the Bursar to discuss creating a feedback form to send out as well as setting out the JCR’s vision.

The JCR meeting today saw the passing of four motions, creation of a freshers’ rep, reimbursing the Entz Pres for vomit clean-up, looking into votes for suspended students and our lovely JCR photo which is to take place early on next term!

The two events to take note of this week are the exam support session happening at 6pm tomorrow in the Seminar Room and Midge Curran joining us in the JCR at 3pm on Thursday. The latter event will be an *informal* end of term tea party, with lots of cake and nice music – definitely worth coming along to.

That’s all I can think of for now, so I will say a fond farewell for now and will be posting again after the vac!

Alice xoxox

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