Corpus Cinema Curator

Hi, I’m James, the current Curator of the Corpus Christi Cinema. My aim is to bring a little bit of movie magic into your lives each week, by whisking you away into another world of cinematic fantasy. This world of cinematic fantasy can usually be accessed via the Corpus TV Room, which is up the stairs from the JCR (Junior Common Room). If you can whisk yourself that far, I’ll get you the rest of the way.

So, keep an eye out for me in your email inbox, for a chance to vote for the movie of the week, and watch out for any special film night team-ups with other members of committee and equal ops team. If you want to suggest a film or want to tell me my choice in films is terrible, or both, then send me an email, or put a note in my pidge, or try and catch me as I wander aimlessly around college.