Hi! I’m Ana (she/her) and I’m the BME representative for Corpus JCR. BME stands for Black and Minority Ethnic, which covers a wide variety of students in Corpus from people of colour to religious minorities. This role is mainly one of welfare and support; if you have any grievances, suggestions or just need someone to rant to, I’m available via email ( or Facebook (under Ana Larasati). I’m also arranging events during term time for general support and a place where BME students can feel a bit more comfortable raising any issues or experiences they’ve faced in or outside of Oxford and need some assurances. I completely understand that having to constantly monitor yourself during heated debates about race and being a minority can be challenging and exhausting, so I’d also like to use this role to voice concerns on your behalf and take some weight off your shoulders. Finally, I’m hoping to bring more awareness to the different societies, groups and events for BME students in Corpus and emphasise how important welfare support is for BME students in an environment which isn’t necessarily as easy to adapt into. If you have any questions or want to discuss something privately with me, let me know and I’m happy to talk to everyone!