Academic Affairs Officer

Hey!! I’m Eve, a 3rd year Classical Archaeology & Ancient History student and the JCR’s Academic Affairs & Suspended Students Officer! A key part of my role is to liaise between the student body and college faculty regarding any academic issues or concens that may arise. Additionally, I’m here to provide info regarding academic matters, so if there is anything that you would like to know more about (e.g collections/alternative exam arrangements) please feel to email me at or hit me up on Facebook. This role has a welfare element, so if you ever wanna chat or vent to someone about your workload/exam stress/the pains of having to attend 9 am lectures across town, then I’m your girl. I’m also here to advocate on behalf of suspended students and provide infomation regarding ‘academic suspension’, the taking of temporary leave from ones studies. I am very happy to answer any questions one may have about this measure as well.