Formal sign-up

Formal Hall (often just ‘Formal’) is an amazing three course meal held in the place of regular dinner every Friday evening.

A normal formal costs £7.07, payable by Bod card. This does not include drinks (typically wine), which people may bring from home. College wine will be available for sale as well. Attendees are expected to wear formal dress (but no gowns!) Dinner starts at 19:10, and people can sit where they want (not including High Table or any reserved tables).

If you are a Corpus undergraduate or a visiting student, you may sign up for Formal below.

The rules for Formal sign-up are simple:

  • Sign-up opens on Sunday and closes on Wednesday for formal on Friday.
  • You are allowed up to two guests, unless it is your 21st, in which case you are allowed up to fifteen guests.
  • You may sign up as a group by selecting a common group number. Only five people can sign up to a single group; groups will either all receive places or no members will receive places.
  • You may gain priority either on DO’s discretion, Committee privilege, or for a 21st birthday. Priority does NOT extend across groups.
  • The table at the bottom of this page allows you to see who else has signed up to Formal.
  • For reasons out of our control, there is a five minute (or so) delay between completing the form and your name appearing on the ballot below
  • To cancel your Formal Hall sign-up, please email the Domestic Officer.
  • If there are any other questions or issues, please contact the Domestic Officer.