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JCR President

JCR Annual Report 2011

Dear JCR, Please find attached the Annual Report of Corpus’ JCR for 2011. We have lots of big achievements this year, and that is down to the incredible group of people we have had working for us on JCR Committee. Whether it’s the Living Wage, Access, Rent, Entz, Academic Procedures …

Officer’s Reports

Officer’s reports – 2nd week MM11 Officer’s reports provide an opportunity for JCR Officer’s to update the JCR on what work they have been doing in the past fortnight. Reports are mandatory if officer’s sit on Committee, failure to submit a report is a breach of standing orders. JCR President, Jack …

First JCR Meeting of Term

The agenda for the First JCR Meeting of Term is now out. PERVs, Gangstas, White Papers and Gender neutral language. Also beer and pizza. JCR Democracy for the win. Have a look here:  JCR Meeting 16.10.2011