Corpus Legends

Corpus Legends is a society that recognises the Corpuscles that have made excellent contributions to the sporting life of the college or university. Each year a number of social events are run to celebrate the sporting achievements of those in the college. These events are open to everyone within the college, irrespective of sporting ability!

Nominations to be a Legend are open throughout the academic year, and are to be submitted to the Legends President via email. Whilst there are no strict criteria for what makes someone worthy of Legend status, representing the university or being part of a Cuppers winning sports team usually results in someone being recognised as a Legend.

For more information about nominations, Legends events, or if you are a Legend that is not listed below please contact the current Corpus Legends President.

Name Sporting Society Year of Matriculation
James Dempsey OURFC 2017
Will Andrews OUIHC 2017
Alex Bruce CCCBC 2016
Oscar Beighton CCCBC 2016
Rupert Casson CCCBC 2016
Robbie Fraser OURFC 2016
Russell Reid OUTRFC 2016
Alex Guzel OUAFC 2016
Meredith Kenton OUKoC 2016
Dan Selby OUKbC 2016
Tom Fairclough CCCBC 2015
Max Phillips CCCBC 2015
Sacha Tchen CCCBC 2015
Peter W CCCCC, OURLFC 2015
Jack Counsell OUWPC 2015
Ingrid Tsang OUBbC 2015
Josh Deru OUSSC 2015
Alec Murphy OUABC 2015
Kavi Amin OUCC 2015
Ellie Backhouse OULC 2015
Hugo Shipsey OURTC 2015
Fiona Jamieson OUWLRC 2015
Adam Wigley CCCBC 2014
David Moore CCCBC 2014
Joseph Ball CCCFC 2014
Robbie Oliver OURFC 2014
Grace Holland OUDC 2014
Gustaf Behmer OUGC 2014
Shona McNab OUHC 2014
Cameron McGarry CCCBC 2013
Sarah Richardson OUWFC 2013
Jonny Mainwaring CCCCrC 2013
David Windmill OUAFC 2013
Miles Partridge OUAFC 2013