Welcome to the Junior Common Room (JCR) of Corpus Christi College in the University of Oxford.

The JCR is two things: the undergraduate student body of the College, and the physical common room on the college site. All undergraduate members of the college (including visiting students) are automatically members of the JCR, protected and empowered by our Constitution. We organise social events (bops), sports teams, plays, charity work and campaigns. The JCR also represents undergraduate and graduate Corpuscles and their interests to College and the University.

Though all members have an equal say in how the JCR is run, much of this work is overseen by the JCR Executive and the JCR Committee. Both these teams of officers are led by the JCR President. Officers are elected throughout the year in accordance with the Constitution. Meetings of the JCR, which any member can attend, occur every even-numbered Sunday during term.

The physical room of the JCR is on the ground floor in staircase 7, on the left side of college as you enter. The JCR office contains a sink and vending machines to dispense snacks and soft drinks. There are lots of comfy sofas in the JCR as well as board games. There’s also a television with various games consoles upstairs. Noticeboards exist and are happy to have posters and flyers pinned to them.

This is at least the third iteration of the JCR website. It was developed by Akshay Bilolikar. We use the WordPress content management system. Everything expressed here is the views of the JCR and not of the college.