Sixth Week


First up, thank you to those who have sent in applications for the JCR renovation group so far. Applications are still open this week if you would like to be a part of changing the image of our JCR!

Secondly, the sing-up sheet for JCR elections goes up tomorrow. If you are thinking you’d like to run for a position then please talk to the current incumbent and message Fran Parkes our Returning Officer that you would like to stand. Sing-ups will be open until Tuesday 7th week. On Wednesday 7th week husts will be held in the JCR for all positions up for election, this is a super fun event where candidates will give speeches about why they want the role and answer questions from the audience. It can be a long night so remember to factor than in to your week!

This week has been quite quiet on the committee meeting from. On Wednesday I went to Governing Body where we ratified minutes from 4th week meetings. Previous to this I met with the President to discuss items such as potential increasing the number of JCR officers on the Equality Committee to allow for full representation of JCR views. Speaking of which, on Tuesday I will be attending Equality Committee to discuss strategies which could be used to increase the gender-balance on the fellowship. I will report further on this next week.

In the JCR meeting all motions were passed. This included several monetary motions such as the purchasing of a new bike pump and board games for the JCR. The motions also included a move for the Accommodation Officer to take on the DO’s role of implementing the bike cull; we hope that following this discussion a bike cull will take place by the end of term, but that also in future the accommodation officer with discuss with the Domestic Bursar the potential to introduce a bike registration scheme as seen in other colleges. The final JCR meeting will be held two weeks from today, so if you would like to propose any motions before the end of term please get in touch with the VP, Hannah Cheah.

This week I will be focusing on still chasing up decisions on papers before I hand the role over to my successor. This includes re-writing the paper on introducing community service to include more specific examples and chasing up the decision on providing financial support for students with extended terms. I hope that decisions are made by the end of term, or at least finalised when they will be discussed so that I can inform my successor. Other than this, the only other items to discuss with college are getting a decision on changes to the PDF fund and discussing hopeful JCR renovation.

As ever, if you have any questions about JCR matters do not hesitate to ask me! I will be hosting a final drop in session on Saturday 7th week to answer any final queries!


Alice xox

Bulletin 12:11:17