Penultimate Blog Post


Only one more post till my successor will (partially) take over the website. Come to the JCR on Wednesday 7th to see candidates battle it out for JCR positions. If you’re still thinking you’d like to get involved then email Fran Parkes before sunset(?) on Tuesday!

So this week has again been quite quiet given the fact that we are into the election bit of term and the focus is on the candidates. Last Tuesday I did attend an Equality Committee meeting with our Equal Opps President where we discussed how college could go forward in diversifying the fellowship. There was talk of creating wider discussion about issues in academia within college as well as formulating certain structural procedures that would reduce subconscious bias. Hopefully this conversation will be continued in future and lead to very real change in Corpus!

I also have been working on re-writing the community service paper which will hopefully we discussed in 4th week JCC in Hilary. For those that don’t know, this is part of a move away from reliance on fines as decanal punishment as they often have a disproportionately negative effect on student finances. This decanal business was accompanied with the Junior Dean and I drafting questions for the on-line version of the Personal Development Fund form that will hopefully be available next term as well. Other important notices relating to the Dean include the fact that our interim Dean, Liz Fisher, will be taking over as Dean of Welfare from Judith as of the start of next term whilst Judith is on sabbatical.

This brings us on to more exciting news as this week Finance and Budget Committee approved the funding of the JCR renovation as proposed by the college Vice-President. This will mean that in the Summer of 2018 the JCR will be redesigned and smartened up a bit. JCR members will of course be consulted throughout this process, hence why we have been pushing the recruitment of a JCR renovation group!

I also attended the President’s Committee meeting this week where I brought up vacation storage schemes in other colleges. The consensus seems to be that most colleges are provided with storage by the college, so hopefully this will give the JCR good leverage in asking for help organising storage once the JCR storage room has been renovated as a small cafe. The International Students Rep will most probably spearhead this discussion, though with the support of the JCR exec. This also means that we need another clear-out of the JCR storage room hopefully before the end of this term!

Looking forward, this week I have a meeting with the Senior tutor to discuss whether students with extended terms will be supported financially due to the fact that they have large accommodation bills. Oxford Student Union’s Council will also be taking place on Wednesday if you would like to attend with Zoe! And JCC informal lunch will be taking place on Thursday if anyone has anything they would like to bring up about college matters.


Hope you have a great week!

Alice xox

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