We’re (almost) halfway there

Hey hey,

Can you believe we’re nearly halfway through the term? This also means that we’re now 3 weeks away from JCR elections, so if you’re thinking of running for a position, now is the time to ask the current incumbent about it! The JCR website is also a good resource for getting to grips with what each committee member does. I’d recommend taking a look at the Who’s Who page to start.

Now it’s onto what has happened in the JCR over this past week. As I mentioned in my last post, on Monday I met with the Vice President of college and the Domestic Bursar with Shiv and Hannah to talk about JCR renovation. This was a great discussion in which we talked about how this term we will aim to scrap everything that is currently in the JCR storage room next to the main JCR. In it’s place we will hopefully start to get new vending machines, a coffee machine etc. This will hopefully be the start of wider discussions about improving the JCR space and hopefully making it a slightly cleaner and lighter place to be (whilst keeping all its original charm). JCR storage will therefore have to change and I have talk to the DB and Louisa about different companies we could use to help with this. This conversation is ongoing, but hopefully we reach a conclusion by the end of term. There was a vote on these proposals at the JCR meeting this evening and it has been suggested that a committee is created to oversee the renovation.

On top of this, this week I also met with the President to discuss and confirm that Freshers will be reimbursed the £15 charge on their battels for Monday 0th week on Hilary Term’s battels. I also met with our Dean, Liz Fisher, who is standing in for David for the term. We discussed changes to the decanal policy such as introducing community service as well as fines. We also discussed updating the party form process and how it could be modified to reduce confusion and this discussion will be taken forward to the next JCC which is luckily at the end of this coming week. Finally, this week saw Oxford SU’s meeting being held at Corpus! If you have any questions about what was discussed feel free to chat to myself or Zoe. Alternatively, if you’d like to come to the next meeting, let us know by Tuesday 5th week!

Now if you’re looking to hear about what meetings are lined up this week, we have a Welfare Lunch on Tuesday, Academic Committee on Wednesday and JCC (Joint Consultative Committee) on Friday. In these meetings we’ll try to cover items such as college’s Prevent policy, admissions stats, vacation storage and personal development fund changes. If you have any queries or questions that could be addressed at these meetings then let me know as soon as possible. Alternatively, just wait for the debrief on them next Sunday!

Alongside this we will also be working on updating the accommodation section of the JCR website and getting more information about how we can use the extra money in our charities budget to help tackle homelessness in Oxford.

Hope you have a great week!



Alice xox

Bulletin 29:10:17