Second time around


If you’re reading this then you’re obviously looking for this weeks news on what has been happening in the JCR. Second week on a Sunday means that we have just had our first JCR meeting of the term welcoming the First Years into our little democratic community. We successfully passed this term’s budget and have come to some sort of decision on what to do with the extra charity budget’s money, which is to put it towards tackling homelessness in Oxford. Our Charities Officer will update us on possible options as soon as possible!

In my last bulletin I discussed that I am trying to get a coffee machine for the JCR. I have been in contact with our Domestic Bursar, but am yet to hear back for a confirmation. This will be one of my priorities for this week. If you have any other ideas about how to improve JCR space then do let me know!

This week was also the first Oxford SU meeting of term. Unfortunately I was in a tutorial so was unable to attend, but speak to our Oxford SU Officer, Zoe Kuyken, if you’re interested in finding out what happens at them/would like to attend next time.

On Thursday I met with the Junior Dean to discuss options of how to improve the Personal Development Fund, making it a more efficient system with money going to the students who need it most. We’re both very excited about possibilities of digitising the form and updating the questions to allow for greater standardisation. This will be one of my ongoing tasks for my final term as President.

On Saturday I held the first drop-in session of term. These drop-in sessions are supposed to act as a chance for anyone to come to the Welfare Room to ask me any questions about the JCR whether that’s things they’d like to see being done or to get help with a problem. I am aware that this term is an election term, so if you are thinking of running a position but would like to find out more about life on the committee, then I’m more than happy to chat about at one of these sessions!

Ongoing priorities for this term (as well as the one’s above) are pushing the Hardship Committee to come to a decision of allowing fourth year scientists to claim help from college for unexpected or increased accommodation costs, improving the accommodation section of the JCR website and looking at ways we can improve the JCR for future use.

Regarding set meetings, this coming week I will be meeting the President on Tuesday to chat about the JCR, I will be attending Governing Body on Wednesday at 2.00pm and I will be hosting the JCR President’s Committee on Thursday at Corpus.

Please feel free talk to me about any of the items mentioned in these blogs. I am more than happy to let you know about my progress with my various aims!

Hope you have a great second week!


Alice xox

P.S. Here’s the bulletin

Bulletin 15:10:17