Hello and Welcome!

Hey there,

This bulletin post is mainly directed at any First Years who have stumbled there way across our JCR website. First of all, welcome to the page, please use it to get the lowdown on what has happened in the JCR over the week, to sign-up to formal or to find out Who’s Who on our JCR committee.

My week has mainly been taken up with organising Freshers Week, so other than this I have little to report other than an Academic Committee meeting held on Friday looking at the admissions report for this last year. I’m sure by next week I’ll have lots more information about the different things happening in and around college that affect students. However, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the JCR Freshcom Committee for all their hardwork in organising freshers week!

Anyway, if you are a fresher, I hope you have enjoyed your first week at Oxford and are getting ready to start (if you haven’t already) your course! There are lots of people on the JCR committee ready and willing to help answer any question you may have, whether it is academic based (talk to Julia our Academic Affairs and Suspended Students Officer), welfare related (talk to the Welfare Officers or a Peer Supporter) or whether it is about Equal Opportunities (chat to Shahyrar our Equal Opps President or one of the members of the Equal Opportunities Committee). Or, if you’re thinking “hey I’d like to get involved in the JCR and become a committee member” then come chat to me in the Welfare Room (by the JCR toilets) next Saturday 14th between 12.30-1.30pm. I’ve been helping out with the JCR for two years now, so should be able to answer most questions on what being on the JCR committee involves.

You may have noticed that the JCR is in charge of putting on lots of events and keeping you posted on things happening in and around college, but if you’re not sure how to check what’s happening go to the JCR’s Facebook page. Alternatively, check out my weekly bulletin email with lots of information on what’s happening in Oxford!

I think that’ll be it for now. Please message myself or other committee members with any questions that may arise. My JCR-based task for this week is attempting to finally get a coffee machine for the JCR, but I will keep you posted on this progress!


Alice xox

P.S. PDF copy of the Bulletin Bulletin 08:10:17