Turtle-y awesome bulletin

Hey all,

We’ve just finished our 2017 Tortoise Fair raising money for Rory’s Well. After selling many glasses of Pimms, ice-creams and burgers we think we have raised roughly around £3000! Big thank you to Beth Graham for organising such a fantastic day and also thanks to all the musicians who performed throughout the fair – you were all fantastic! The Tortoise Fair goes to show how amazing Corpus is in helping each other organise events for people inside and out of this university.

To make today even more fantastic, in the JCR meeting this evening there was a unanimous decision to allow voting rights for suspended students! This is a great step towards making sure suspended students can stay connected to the JCR in their year out if they want to and that they can affect who becomes JCR Officers – another great change!

This week I attended OUSU Council and Governing Body. In the latter there was discussion of the proposed change to the matriculation ceremony, making it optional instead of compulsory and introducing an online administrative form. Alongside this the Fairtrade Policy as championed by Lizzie and Miriam passed, meaning Corpus is on the way to accreditation. In OUSU Council, most discussion centred around how council could be made more interesting/engaging. Hannah and I were pretty stumped on this issue, so if you have any ideas as to how council could be made more interesting for students, let us know!

Other minor changes to JCR matters was the passing of the motion to change the Domestic Officer’s standing orders to create a termly Food Committee; this will meet to discuss issues with hall, formals etc. Again, this little change will hopefully mean that issues are solved quickly and do not re-occur. It has also been suggested that the Domestic Officer look into fixing the vending machines, as it is now known that they are JCR-owned.

A Personal Development Fund meeting also took place on Friday meaning that those that applied for funding should be hearing back form the Junior Dean soon. If you have any questions about how money is allocated, don’t hesitate to ask!

A new thing to note is that proposals are now open for the extra charity money. We have £4,000 of un-spent charities money and we are looking to give this out to those who wish to put on an event/run a campaign that will raise money directly to a chosen charity; just fill in the form that Teneeka sent via email!

Speaking of competitions, remember that the mural design competition is still open! Having seen some of the designs already I am sure that when it finally gets re-decorated the Beer Cellar is going to look fresh and amazing.

That’s all in the way of big news this week, as you can see some changes have been to college that hopefully improve the lives of students! This next week I will be attending prescom, organising a new Corpus Converses and chasing up papers that were submitted earlier this term!

Bye for now,

Alice xox

P.S. Bulletin