Third is the Word (Take 2)

Hey there,

If you don’t know it yet, this week we have Corpus Cares!! If you’re a finalist make sure you sign up for FREE care packages to get you through that final revision push.

Last week was pretty hectic with Arts Week, Intra-University Challenge and the JCR Photo, but hopefully people feel like they’ve benefitted from the events and have some nice memories of our quincentenary year!

In amongst this work, I did have a chance to present a paper on changing suspension policy to the Senior Tutor. We’ve worked out what bits can be changed easily and what bits need to be taken through Academic Committee, so hopefully this will be sorted out by 4th week, or at the latest 7th week. I’ve met with our new RO to discuss getting voting for suspended students and we’re looking at re-interpreting/re-writing some bits, but again, this will be taken to a JCR Meeting this term.

On Wednesday I met with the President to go over the agenda of the Governing Body meeting. There was nothing of note, but bear in mind that next GB meeting, Wednesday 5th Week, they will be discussing the rent and charges proposals put to them by myself and the JCR Treasurer. Hopefully there will also be discussion of changing college fines policy. Rent negotiations stat at 11.30am tomorrow, so we will let you know what happens, what gets accepted and what doesn’t etc.

This coming week there will be the Welfare Lunch. If anyone has any queries about welfare provision in college now is the time to talk to myself, our JCR Welfare Officers or our Equal Opps President to bring it up in the lunch. The main discussion may be around Unity Week that is coming up next week (4th week). Make sure you check out all of the events and attend the talks.

Other than these key points there is nothing else to really cover on the JCR side of things. This term is very much focused on presenting papers and making changes to college needed to suit undergraduates. As this is the term of negotiation and discussion, I heavily recommend that you mention to the JCR Committee NOW anything that you would like to see changed/brought to the forefront.

Sorry this is not a very interesting blog post, but hopefully these committee meetings and papers will make lasting changes for all JCR members.

Alice xxx

P.S. The Bulletin