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Well hey there,

Welcome to the post for second week TT 2017. I’m here to take you through the highlights of the past week and guide you to what’s coming up for the JCR.

First up, I’m going to have to do a plug for Arts Week events. We have the TV Presenter Dave Benson Phillips coming in for a Q&A; definitely something you don’t want to miss if you were an avid fan of CBBC back in the day and are also looking for a career in journalism or broadcasting! Other events include the very sophisticated Pimms and Portraiture. If all this catches your fancy. but you want more then you should also head on over to the auditorium at 5.30pm on Thursday 4th (after you have voted of course)!

With these amazing events, you know you’re in for a good TT at CCC and with that I’ll take you through what has happened over the past week. Just this evening we have elected our new returning officer, Francesca Parkes, who will be interpreting our constitution and running elections for the next year! We’re sure that she will do an amazing job. As it is TT, we are also facing our second batch of JCR elections of the year, with positions up for grabs such as Vice President and Accommodation Officer. Make sure you check out all the roles available if you want to get involved!

It’s been a quiet week meeting-wise. On Wednesday I attended OUSU Council where a motion to create a new OUSU campaign entitled Class Act was passed. This campaign will act as a voice for all students who identify as working-class, low-income background, state-educated or are a first generation student. Our Socio-Economic Liberation rep has been involved in creating the campaign, so well done Jack!

On Thursday I had a meeting with the Bursar and Domestic Bursar running through what JCR members would like to see changed regarding rent and charges within college. I presented a paper that I had written over the vacation and this will be debated in 3rd week. Fingers crossed we get support for the proposals!!

Today (Sunday of 2nd week) I have held meetings with most of the JCR Committee members focusing on what they want to do over this term/creating handover documents getting ready for the next person taking the role. In the meeting we saw lots of unanimous votes supporting buying reusable coffee cups with the Corpus logo, changing decanal fines policy to one orientated around community service, the JCR budget, getting storage boxes for students to leaving belongings over the vacation period AND giving money to the Tortoise Fair (happening on the 28th May). These are all amazingly positive changes that bit by bit will make students lives at Corpus easier. Remember that anyone can send in a motion for a JCR meeting!

This next week will see a meeting with the Senior Tutor looking at suspension policy, a meeting with the President to discuss JCR plans, the intra-university challenge of course AND the JCR photo!

Lots of get involved in – so make sure you keep informed about what’s going on!

Alice xxx

P.S. Here’s the Bulletin