Thank You and Goodnight (for now)


I’m coming to the end of my first term as JCR President and it’s certainly been as busy and hectic as people warned me it would be! We’ve done some awesome things this term like our Corpus Challenge, Charity Week and E&E week, but there’s also been a lot of work behind the scenes in changing things to make life at college that little bit better. We’ve seen a complete update of our website (thanks Akshay), a brand new suspension guide, more transparency with welfare structures, an updated accommodation survey, a Corpus Converses and big decisions regarding our charities budget! If it doesn’t seem like much, it’s probably because each one of these events takes a lot of time and organisation which I couldn’t do without our fantastic committee!

Looking now to next term, there are three key proposals we are looking to make, the first is regarding suspension policy as the JCR has just as of today past a motion for the VP and myself to look into allowing suspended students to vote in JCR elections. The second is rent negotiations, in particular reducing vacation residence costs for fourth year scientists and thirdly, we are looking into changing decanal fines policy, adding an option for community service. This will be alongside continuing work on Corpus Converses talks, our amazing Unity Week and starting to organise freshers’ week as well. It’s going to be very busy, but hopefully will lead to an even more community-orientated college.

On to more mundane things, this week I met with the Dean to understand how decanal fines currently work. This will go some way into working out what could change, if indeed change is wanted. Within academic committee this week the main discussion was on the report from this year’s admissions cycle – all the info of which can be found on the college weblearn page. I also attended OUSU council which, if you’re super keen, you can ask me about!

I biggest steps forward this week came in the JCC informal lunch where we discussed what the currently disused squash court is to become. The two proposals as they stand are to renovate it back into a useable squash court or to turn it into a fitness suite with extra rooms. Tomorrow we will be meeting with the Bursar to discuss creating a feedback form to send out as well as setting out the JCR’s vision.

The JCR meeting today saw the passing of four motions, creation of a freshers’ rep, reimbursing the Entz Pres for vomit clean-up, looking into votes for suspended students and our lovely JCR photo which is to take place early on next term!

The two events to take note of this week are the exam support session happening at 6pm tomorrow in the Seminar Room and Midge Curran joining us in the JCR at 3pm on Thursday. The latter event will be an *informal* end of term tea party, with lots of cake and nice music – definitely worth coming along to.

That’s all I can think of for now, so I will say a fond farewell for now and will be posting again after the vac!

Alice xoxox

P.S. the Bulletin