Somebody once told me


The world may roll us, but it’s ok because I’m here to let you know what’s been going down in the JCR.

On Monday we held our very first Corpus Converses which discussed attitudes towards Millennials within the media and academia. It was great to see some prominent members of our SCR join us for the talk. We hope that similar events in the future will help to open up dialogue between different college bodies to create better understanding and feed back into policy initiatives. The next talk will be held 3rd week in Trinity, as part of Corpus’ Unity Week.

In other news, the Personal Development Fund’s funds were divvied up this week and people should be notified soon if not already as to how much you’ve been allocated if you applied. For information about what the Fund is, go to the Corpus weblearn site.

Governing Body took place on Wednesday where our Constitution was ratified meaning it came into effect. If you haven’t yet seen Akshay’s posts/emails about it then I’d take a look and have a read.

Speaking of procedures, following Shiv’s fantastic survey, I had a meeting with the Domestic Bursar to discuss introducing a credit/debit card reader into the Beer Cellar. This, although not in writing, was approved verbally and hopefully we’re see this change happen over the Easter Vacation along with a new sofa, better storage in the JCR Office and a coffee machine. I know many think these things are long overdue, but the Domestic Officer is working hard to get these changes so be patient and hopefully when people come back in April there will have been changes.

On top of the other meetings, I had another with the Academic Registrar to discuss exam support sessions. We both agreed that a talk from one of the Doctors on sleep and welfare over the vac would be beneficial to many. This will be offered alongside traditional revision support sessions for finalists and first years taking exams. Please all remember to turn up if they’re applicable to you and give feedback afterwards!

On Friday I had rent negotiation training with other Presidents, Treasurers and JCR officers. This was incredibly useful in understanding what the process is and how it works. In order to make sure everyone else understands it too I’ve organised an Open Meeting in the JCR this Saturday at 17.00pm, so that everyone can be clear on what is discussed and what we can ask to be changed. This meeting will be held like a drop-in session and will be instead on the usual one held after Brunch. The rent negotiation team and myself also met today (Sunday) to start thinking about what we might need as a college and how we’re going to achieve this. The result of this meeting was that it was agreed a survey was needed on what people thought about rent and charges, so that we can feedback to the Bursar. Transparency is key!

Finally, this week I also met with the Vice President of the college to discuss welfare procedures and what can be altered. It was agreed that at the next available meeting, the VP would bring up how all welfare-related members in college need to have their profile raised and all need to be treated as an equal point of contact. This would be on top of increasing awareness that the student needs to be at the centre of taking welfare decisions and should feel that they choose to set meetings with said members instead of them being imposed. These are subtle changes that will hopefully also subtly alter the relationship between student and welfare provider, leading to a more successful outcome.

Again this has been a wordy week, so I’ll sign off now after hopefully having covered everything substantial that has taken place.

Take care in 6th week and, as ever, here’s the Bulletin.

Alice xx