Corpus Cares and Converses


Massive congratulations for our triumphant win in Corpus Challenge! Huge thanks to go to Pete Woodcock for organising such an amazing event and leading the JCR to victory in its 500th year!! And thanks to everyone who participated and made it one of the best Challenges yet.

However, challenge is not the only awesome event to this Hilary! Remember that Corpus Cares week is happening as of today. We have events ranging from Oxford Women Speak Out to the Big Night In on Wednesday in the Beer Cellar, so get involved – all events are free and for your benefit!

This week we also have our first Corpus Converses event – happening at 1.00pm in the Seminar Room. We’ll be discussing prevalent attitudes in academia and the media towards Millennials. This is a very relevant topic, that affects JCR relationships with other university bodies, so make sure to get your voice heard especially if you have any ideas as to how we can start tackling the problem.

Now on to what’s happening in the week past to keep you up to date…

Last Monday, our VP went to a meeting with the Proctors and Assessors and discussed issues within the university including suspension. This is all linking to our imminent publishing of the Suspension Guide since Lizzie has taken charge in acting as our in-house graphic designer. On top of this, the Academic Affairs and Suspended Students Officer and I are planning a survey in 7th week for suspended students – if this applies/interests you keep an eye out for its publication.

I also met our Charities Officer, Teneeka Mai, to discuss what steps to take regarding the different scholarship schemes on offer for the JCR to support. A motion about this should be coming to 6th week JCR meeting. The deciding vote will have implications on whether we decide to establish a close relationship with a charity this year; if you have a proposal keep it in mind as we’ll be asking for suggestions earliest next week.

On Wednesday, we had Academic Committee where the main discussion was changes to Open Days, coming into effect this year. Unfortunately, we also learned that Brendan Shepherd is stepping down in his role as Admissions and Outreach Officer. The JCR would like to thank him for all his amazing work and wishes him luck in his next step to becoming a teacher!

Last Friday, I had a JCC meeting. The key issue to come out of this was how college was going to support students leading up to their exams. We’ve had some feedback on how the Senior Tutor/Academic Registrar can help, but please email me if you have any other ideas as to what can be done. As well as this, the Constitution was successfully approved and is now making it’s way to Governing Body on Wednesday. If all goes well, it will come into effect as of 2.30pm-ish on Wednesday. Big thanks to our Returning Officer Akshay Bilolikar for all his hard work in editing it (it’s not easy)!! The Fairtrade Accreditation Campaign will also be brought to GB later this term thanks to the hard work of Miriam Lee, Ailsa McKinlay and Lizzie Shelmerdine; with luck, this year college will see itself accredited for the first time!

Finally, Saturday saw the second Presidential drop-in session. It has good verbal feedback, but very few actual visitors; I think for now it will be kept, for image’s sake, but do remember to come if you have any questions that aren’t urgent but that I will be able to answer for you immediately.

It’s been quite a full week, but looking at my schedule is nothing compared to next!

Keep getting involved with the JCR – it’s got so much going on (just look at this week’s Bulletin)

Alice xxx