Welcome to Corpus 500


I’m very excited to have completed my first few weeks as JCR Pres! I thought I’d start this blog to give you an idea of what my weeks involve (so that you know I’m actually doing things) and so that you can then ask me questions/suggest other ideas the JCR should be working on.

This is of course our quincentenary year and as such I have been drawing up ideas to emphasise where Corpus can go from here. This year will have lots of events celebrating our past, but hopefully we as a JCR can create events and push for changes that focus on what’s next for the college. If you have an idea of something you’d like to do to celebrate this then let me know! I hope we can end 2017 knowing we added positively to the college’s history.

So, having said that, I’ll give my quick debrief into what I’ve done this week:

  1. I attended Academic Committee. One of the talking points was the guidelines on suspension that have just been published by the Senior Tutor’s Committee. Bex and I thought that this was a good time to mention we’re wanting to make a Suspension Guide for the JCR. Hopefully this will be ready by the end of this term and will help students know what the process involves before going to senior members in college.
  2. A few of us went to the Stanford lunch to meet the new Stanford students – hopefully we recruited some more people for Corpus Challenge!
  3. I’ve been meeting with some JCR officers and reps about their plans for the year. It sounds like they could make some positive immediate changes to college, so go talk to them to find out what they are!
  4. With Tom and Abi, we put forward our wanted agenda for a uni-wide Welfare Meeting this Thursday. We’ll let you know how it goes and what comes of our agenda (more on that next week).

Being 0th week it has been a slow start to the year, but there’s lots lined up for the next few weeks. Particularly important events to remember are Corpus Challenge, Charities Week and Environment and Ethics Week!

Please let me know if you want any further details on the things mentioned above or if you want to write your own blog piece for the website!

That’s all for now,

Love Al xxx

P.S. with every post I’m attaching that week’s bulletin in case you want to look back for events and opportunities at some point Bulletin 15:01:17.