Third is the Word


It’s been a relatively quiet week for the committee generally speaking. Our one big event was of course Burn’s Night formal, but other than that your JCR Officers have been quietly working away on various projects with events to be announced oh so imminently.

Looking at my diary it seems to be taken up with various books to be read, but on closer inspection there are a few things that may or may not be of interest to you…

Firstly, I can now confirm that the Suspension Guide is in its first draft stages. All material has been gathered and is now being edited. If anyone out there is a keen graphic designer give Bex or I a shout as we could do with making it look less like an intimidating White Paper. On the same topic, at Prescom this week we discussed various suspension matters; St Peter’s have had the similar queries to us, so I think we’re looking to each other for help drafting changes. More information to come at a later date.

Having firmly ticked the box of getting the guide underway, there’s a few other loose ends to pick up. Everyone needs to give our OUSU and Charities Officer a big thank you because they have agreed to champion the forgotten Reach Scholarship cause! To give some context, the Reach Scholarship allows an international student who would not normally be able to afford/access study in Oxford the chance to come to Corpus. College already agreed nearly two years ago to get this underway, but we are still waiting on a way for the JCR to raise the required funds.

In other news, myself and the Treasurer attended the world’s shortest Governing Body meeting –  a whole 4 minutes long. If you’re wondering why this is, it’s because Governing Body is divided into unreserved and reserved business. JCR representatives are only allowed to go for unreserved business and, given the reserved agenda was quite long, we were out of there pretty quick. Hopefully next time we will have more of a role, as the Constitution which the JCR has approved will making its way very shortly through JCC and then on to GB to be discussed. If anyone ever has any questions about these sorts of processes, feel free to get in touch with myself or our VP who is very much in the know.

Finally, this week saw the first Pres Drop-in Session! I thought that it would see no-one turn up but apparently for one Corpuscle it appeared useful. I plan to hold another this term that hopefully will be better organised with some incentives that may come in the form of food.

Looking forward, this week I have a Welfare Lunch Meeting, a meeting with the Bursar, an Equal Opps meeting and OUSU Council. Within this there will be discussions about the role of welfare tutors, what the implementation of the Reach Scholarship will now look like, organising Unity Week and whatever motions have been submitted by uni students to OUSU. If any of this is of interest, feel free to message me.

Right I think that’s it for now, so in the famous words of Gabriella Montez from HSM “I’ve gotta go my own way”

Have an awesome week!

Al xxx

P.S. Here’s the Bulletin