It’s Second Week and things are hotting up…


Having just finished a very tense meeting where a motion failed by only one vote, I thought it appropriate to lighten (hopefully) the mood with updates on progress with the Presidential side of things.

First up is the work into suspension issues. Bex (our Academic Affairs and Suspended Students Officer) and I have held various meetings with SusCam, the Senior Tutor, and Academic Registrar – that means we’ve got lots of info to compile into the new Suspension Guide. Hopefully, since we have all the info already, this shouldn’t take too long, and will be ready for use by the end of the term.

Secondly, is our work into other welfare matters in college; over the past few years there have been many calls for changes to the welfare structures in college, and this week Abi, Tom and I started to push this further. We had a Welfare Conference on Wednesday, where we collated ideas from other colleges about how to aid changes. Our next step is to set up meetings with various senior members of college to start the discussion flowing. As Abi and Tom said over the vac, if you have anything you want to say about welfare provision as it stands, they are ready and willing to listen!

With these things underway, I’m now looking to set up a meeting with the Senior Tutor to discuss how we as a college can promote a forum to discuss prevalent social issues in Oxford. This may take the form of a seminar open to anyone, where they can drop in and join in the discussion. The aim of this is to create an environment that gives students a chance to communicate ideas or problems to other members of college on an equal footing, and hopefully with cake added in too!

Speaking of opening up discussion, I’m planning to hold my first President’s Surgery this coming Saturday 28th after brunch at 12.30pm. This is so anyone can drop by with a question, problem or query and hopefully I’ll be able to guide you in the right direction. To keep the environment informal and comfortable I’m planning to hold these in the TV room (should it be empty). I hope to see many of you there!

Should you have any questions of what I’ve said above feel free to email/message me. The aim is to keep my work as transparent as possible, so I hope haven’t left any loose ends.

As always, keep an eye out for upcoming events:

  1. The ballot numbers are being released this Monday
  2. Corpus Challenge is being held 12th February
  3. Charities Week is in 6th Week
  4. Environment and Ethics Week is in 7th Week

For even more info on what’s going on around the university, check out this week’s Bulletin.

That’s all for now, hope you have a lovely second week.

Stay warm and rested!

Alice xx

P.S Please check out our accommodation section on for a detailed list of rooms. Or even better, check out the room survey to get the dirt on the rooms and work out which one you want!