Welfare (Male)

Hi guys! I’m Alex (He/him). I’m the Corpus JCR Male Welfare Officer, with my wonderful counterpart Lilya! We’re here to act as a point of contact for support and welfare – from listening and having a chat, through to organising college/university wide events and ensuring fair provision of welfare. We act with full confidentiality, and are there to help point you in the right direction towards any further help needed! I’m a medic, and have accessed college-wide, university-wide and external support for myself for financial and pastoral support – so I know what’s available, where to direct you and how to help with the forms. The Welfare team also run weekly welfare tea, where you can grab a nice cup of tea and some free food and sit down with the other members of the JCR – in certain weeks we also run special events to help pep up the term! We also represent the JCR on various committees, including representing with Senior Staff – several of whom I know as personal tutors and the college doctors. We also ensure that the JCR has access to sanitary products and contraceptives!

Feel free to contact me by email, Facebook or stop me and have a chat in college!