Welfare (Female)

Hey! I’m Beth and I’m your female welfare officer. My role on the JCR committee, alongside our male welfare officer Will, is essentially to make sure that all the undergrads in college are able to receive and access personal pastoral support, whether it’s in the form of a chat with either of us, or any one of the other lovely members of the welfare team, help to find somewhere university-wide that offers the support you need, or just a friendly face around college. We also provide welfare supplies such as condoms, lube and sanitary products and will be holding Welfare Tea every Saturday to give everyone a space to chill, have a chat and get some free food. We’re here to make sure that uni doesn’t get on top of you, and we’ll be organising feel-good welfare events throughout the term to keep everyone ticking along. Please never be anxious to approach me about anything, however big or small, and know that whatever you disclose to me is totally confidential. You can approach both Will and I in person around college or over email or Facebook, whatever you find easiest. We will help you find whatever support you need and hopefully make sure that no one at Corpus ever feels like they’re on their own. Feel free to pull me for a chat any time and see you around college 🙂