Welfare (Female)

Hi! I’m Gemma (she/her pronouns) and I am one of your welfare officers. I will be working alongside Caleb to make sure all our lovely JCR community receive the best support and care possible. Primarily I am here whenever you may need a chat about anything at all (no worry is ever too big or too small) but I also represent the JCR in discussions with college staff and can provide you with free welfare provisions (including condoms and sanitary products). Every Saturday both welfare officers run a welfare JCR tea – this is a safe space with free food and lots of tea and it is a great opportunity to have an informal conversation with me or another friendly face about whatever may be on your mind. Throughout the term we will also organise special welfare events to help keep everyone’s spirits up!

Anything disclosed to me is entirely confidential and, even if you don’t feel I can be of any help, I am always here to point you towards other resources available: be that to one of our excellent Corpus peer supporters or one of the many university support networks/services.

Please feel to contact me via Facebook and email (jcr.femalewelfare@ccc.ox.ac.uk) or just grab me at any time around college! x