Welfare (Female)

Hello! I’m Abi, I use she/her pronouns, and I’m one of the Welfare Officers for the Corpus JCR! In my position I act as a figure of welfare and support in college, which involves supporting people with any problems (big or small!) they may have, publicising welfare resources to JCR members, and representing members on the JCR committee and when speaking to senior college staff. This includes supplying condoms, medicine, and sanitary products, as well as being able to reimburse members for other forms of contraception (e.g. the pill). I’m also responsible for running the women’s Welfare Tea every Sunday, which is a lovely chance to drink tea, eat free food, and chat about whatever’s on your mind. I’m a trained Peer Supporter, meaning that I’ve undergone 30 hours of training by the university counselling service in listening skills and mindfulness in supporting people. Anything disclosed to me in a welfare situation is kept completely confidential, and I am also able to signpost people to further resources or the right member of college staff if necessary. Feel free to contact me by Facebook or email (abigail.newton@ccc.ox.ac.uk) if you need support or have any questions! 🙂

Abi Newton