Custos Testudinum (Tortoise Keeper)

Beth Graham holding tortoise

Hi! I’m Beth, a second year mathematician at Corpus and your current Custos Testudinum (Tortoise Keeper)! It is my job to organise this year’s Tortoise Fair (which will be some point in Trinity term), as well as acting as a PA for our college tortoise, Foxe. I also have the responsibility of ensuring that Foxe secures another win of the grand tortoise race which happens at the fair.

When not thinking about the things my tutor has ‘tortoise’, I like to relax in the JCR and chat with friends. I am also a big fan of Doctor Who- I’m the treasurer of the university’s Doctor Who Society, and the weekly meetings form a large part of my university life. Furthermore, I am one half of the JCR’s cheesiest bop DJ duo, the Stinking Bishops and am the founding member of a fledgling acapella group formed of my friends- the Acapelicans.