Socio-Economic Liberation Rep

Social Liberation Officer Emily

Hi, I’m Emily and use she/her pronouns. I am the Socio-Economic Liberation Representative at Corpus Christi. Coming from a state school in Yorkshire, I’m very aware Oxford is known for its ‘wealthy and privately educated student’ stereotype and this can seem like a daunting world to enter into for someone from a state school/low income background. In my role, I will help the transition into university life by offering support and guidance specifically targeted at people who identify as state school/lower income students. For anyone who has questions or concerns about class here at Oxford feel free to email me at Also with my role I will act as a confidential adviser for anyone struggling with money issues and try to offer potential solutions based on what funding can be obtained at Corpus and the wider university. I shall also advertise events happening through the Class Act scheme, which are open to everyone who wants to take part in the discussion on class here in Oxford. I want to work to connect more people together at Corpus who are from state school/low income backgrounds as I know Oxford can feel a bit overwhelming and isolating to people from these backgrounds at times and knowing more people from a similar background can only make the Oxford experience more comfortable.

If you need any help with anything relating to class or finance do feel free to email me or message me on Facebook under Emily Simpson.