Formal Sign-Up Rules

People can sign up for the next formal from Sunday 00:00 onwards. Sign-up closes automatically at 13:00 on Wednesday. The JCR Domestic Officer will send out the list of attendees as early as possible on Thursday.

When signing up, give your name as stated on your Bod card, Nexus email-address and dietary requirements.

JCR members can bring up to two guests from out of college. To do this, set the number of guests you are bringing to 1 or 2. You will have to pay for the guests with your Bod card. Always give any dietary requirements of your guests in the dietary requirements box!

JCR members can sign up as a group. This way, everyone in the group will get to go to formal together, or no one in the group will. There is a limit of 5 people per group (this includes any guests that members of the group are bringing).

In order to sign up as a group, fill in a number of your choice in the group number box for all members of a group. All people who signed up with the same group number will be considered part of one group. Have a look at the list of people who have already signed up to make sure that you choose a number that hasn’t already been taken by an other group as their group number.

You can sign up other JCR members with their permission. Give your own Nexus email-address when signing up someone else. Don’t forget to ask the person you’re signing up about their dietary requirements.

If you signed up, but realised you can’t actually go to formal, cancel by following this link, filling in the details you gave when signing up, and selecting “cancelling”. If it is past the sign-up deadline and you can’t make changes anymore, email the Domestic Officer as soon as possible to avoid getting charged.

If a space opens up, the Domestic Officer will send an email to the JCR, and the space will be given to the first person to reply. Note that the space may include certain dietary requirements.

Because of the limited number of spaces, there is a priority system. If there are more sign-ups than spaces, people with priority will first be allocated seats, after which a random ballot will be held for the remaining spaces. If there are more people with priority than spaces, a ballot will be held between the priority sign-ups. It is possible that certain types of priority get priority over others.

Because the ballot is held between groups, a group gets priority as a whole or no one in it does. If there is one person (not a guest) without priority in the group, the group does not get priority.

These are the reasons for which someone can get priority. If you have priority, state the type in the priority box. People’s claims to priority will be checked.

People who turn 21 on the week of formal get priority and can bring up to 15 (not including themselves) guests with them. These guests can, but do not have to, be college members. Please write “21st birthday” in the priority box and specify the number of guests and their dietary requirements. Contact the Domestic Officer about signing up for a 21st, and give them the names of all guests who are college members. This way, they can pay with their own Bod cards.

If you have family or good friends from out of Oxford are visiting, there are circumstances under which you can get priority. It may be given if that Friday is the only one on your guests can come, or if they live far away and need to book their journey to Oxford well in advance, or for birthdays. In all cases, contact the Domestic Officer well in advance to discuss the situation, and write “Special Visit” in the priority box if and only if you have been given priority.

All members of the JCR Committee have a priority pass, which they can use once a term for priority for themselves and up to two guests. Write “JCR Committee” in the priority box.

For Halfway Hall, a formal halfway through Hilary term, sign-up is only for those in 2nd year on a 3/4 year course, 3 years on a 4 year course and 3rd year medics.  Preference will be given to 2nd years and no guests are allowed

For Finalists’ formal and Christmas formals, priority will go to leavers. Write “Leaver” in the priority box.

For other special occasions, priority may be given to certain groups. This will be advertised in advance.