Formal Hall

Formal Hall (often just ‘Formal’) is an amazing three course meal held in the place of regular dinner every Friday evening.

A normal formal costs £7.07, payable by Bod card. This does not include drinks, which people may bring from home. College wine will be available for sale as well. Attendees are expected to wear formal dress (but no gowns!) Dinner starts at 19:15, and people can sit where they want (not including High Table or any reserved tables).

JCR members can sign up for formal by clicking on this link.

There are a limited number of spaces, and formal is often oversubscribed. After sign-up has closed, the Domestic Officer will hold a ballot to determine who gets on the formal list. People with priority are allocated seats first, then the others. Within these groups, the ballot is random.

Please read the sign-up rules to avoid signing up incorrectly and missing out!